Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Mitchell Hogan Wins Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel

Homunculus client, Mitchell Hogan, has just won the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel for his debut novel, A Crucible of Souls. Aurealis Award Winners

The book received editing input early on from John Jarrold, and then was copy edited by me. It has subsequently been thoroughly re-edited by me for style, content, and further copy, and Mitchell has redrafted significant amounts.

The story has an astonishing breadth of characterisation, intrigue, and world building, and the good news is that book 2, Blood of Innocents, is not far from being released.

I've completed the stage one literary edit and am now working through Mitchell's redrafts. It's a lengthy, but extremely rewarding, process that seeks to tighten structure, clarify prose, and enhance dramatic tension. In every respect, Blood of Innocents is a worthy sequel to A Crucible of Souls, and really ramps up the action, taking the story in a compelling direction.