Friday, 16 December 2011

Curtis Hox

I've just finished a copy edit for Curtis Hox's Bleedover, having recently edited three of his short stories, Red Sphere, The Kafka Harrier, and Repossession in Progress. It's always a great feeling to discover talented indie authors (I've been privileged to work with a good number of them already), and Curtis Hox certainly fits the bill. Not only does this guy have an extensive vocabulary, but he also knows when not to use it. The world he has created for Bleedover (which we also get a glimpse of in Reposession in Progress, has some staggering implications and promises to be the setting for stories with almost limitless potential.

Bleedover has some well-drawn characters, enough philosophical references to keep old farts like me interested, and (even better for me) lots of references to old time sword and sorcery. One of the most original works I've clapped eyes on in a long time (and another extremely hard working author who is dedicated to putting out quality work).

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